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Mountains & Mermaids

Mini Siren's Brew Guatemalan Medium Roast

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Whole Bean

Mini Siren's Brew Guatemalan Medium Roast - Whole Bean

Every siren needs her morning coffee before a day of wrecking ships and drowning men! Enjoy our sample size of Mini Siren's Brew Guatemalan Medium Roast Coffee - Whole Bean that is perfect for traveling or giving the gift of great coffee!

GREAT TASTING GUATEMALAN ORGANIC, GOURMET COFFEE This single origin specialty brings out the best possible aroma and flavor every morning. No blending in from other regions, countries or types of coffee, gives this rare but delicious tasting coffee a flavor compared to no other.

ROASTED IN SMALL BATCHES TO GUARANTEE AN EVEN, MEDIUM ROAST Small batch roasting ensures that each bean of coffee is of superior quality and roasted evenly to desired specifications. Small batch roasting permits a higher quality standard in coffee throughout the entire process: from picking out the correct size of each coffee bean, to slowly roasting each small batch to perfection.

NET WT 4OZ (113.4g)



A smooth medium roast with tones of spiced peach, chocolate, mild hazelnut and mild cherry with a creamy body. Packaged in a premium coffee bag to preserve freshness.